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The Common Casaicinoids used when testing for SHU using HPLC

Capsaicin: most common capsaicinoid. Comprises about 70% of the total capsaicinoids.

Dihydrocapsaicin: about 22% of total capsaicinoids.

Nordihydrocapsaicin: about 7% of total capsaicinoids.

Homocapsaicin: less than 1% of capsaicinoids.

Homodihydrocapsaicin: less than 1% of capsaicinoids.

5 Species of Domesticated Capsicum

Annuum: includes most common varieties such as jalapeno, bell, cayenne, and chili.

Bacatum: includes South American varieties commonly known as ajis.

Chinense: includes the extremely hot habaneros and the naja jolokia.

Frutescens: includes the familiar tabascos.

Pubescens: includes the South American roctos.