The year was 1978 in a place called Freedom that Gary and Sharon Griesbach were married and settled into a small one-bedroom home to begin farming. The Griesbachs named their farm the Freedom Farm, which included many acres of organic products and cash crops including assorted vegetables for human consumption. As the years passed, the Griesbachs had seven children and began experimenting with producing, processing, and selling Jalapeno Peppers.

The Griesbach's Freedom Farm Pepper Business in the beginning was very small, in fact, the first Jalapeno Pepper Hybrids were grown in their garden and the first office was in the corner of the Griesbach's living room. The Griesbach's Freedom Farm Pepper Business was a tremendous success due to the innovative processing procedures the Griesbachs pioneered, which enabled peppers to be added to natural cheese to make pepper cheese. As the pepper cheese business grew, the Griesbachs decided to join their two names together, and formed Garon Foods Incorporated on July 1, 1994. Garon grew from being a Wisconsin based company to a nationally based company; therefore, in the summer of 2008 Garon moved to a small town named Herrin, located in Southern Illinois, in order to be centrally located in the United States.

Today, Garon is a unique company offering various food and food products to industrial, institutional, and food service companies worldwide. Garon has a wide variety of products, however, the specialty is peppers. Garon's Customer-Driven Perspective prioritizes Integrity with superior Quality and exceptional Service, which is known as the Garon Foods IQS. Garon Foods IQS are of paramount importance, and they are dispensed with customized, individualized customer's needs and wants in clear focus.